GST Calculator

The GST calculator is designed to add or remove the Goods and Services Tax rates(%) to a given amount in Australia.


About GST Calculator

The GST calculator is a free financial tool where you can add or remove goods and service tax to any given price. Just enter the price in the input box and press the "Add GST" or "Remove GST" buttons. As a result, the tool returns the Net price, GST, and Gross price on your screen.

GST Calculator Australia

What is GST?

GST stands for "Goods and Services Tax". It's an official tax that applies to the sale of almost all goods and services in Australia and many other countries. The rate of GST is decided by the Australian Government. It's one type of indirect and comprehensive taxation. Also, it's charged on almost all types of products, goods, and services within the boundary of the nation.

Customers indirectly pay GST when they purchase the products. After that, the seller pays the tax amount to the Government. This is the flow of the Australian taxation process.

How much GST is Charged in Australia?

The current standard GST rate in Australia is "10%".

It was implemented on the 1st of July, 2000. It brought a progressive change to the Australian economy and also replaced the wholesale tax system.

Our GST Calculator takes the current rate (10%) automatically during the calculation. Therefore, you don't need to enter it manually.

GST for Businesses

GST is applied to all the businesses in Australia whether it is profit organizations, non-profit organizations, or self-employed individuals.

In Australia, it's necessary to register GST for businesses having a gross turnaround of about A$75,000 or more. For non-profit organizations, it's A$150,000 per year or more.

Businesses or enterprises include GST on their product selling price. Also, the Australian government allows you to claim tax credits when you buy any GST included goods or services for your business.

How to Calculate GST?

There are two possibilities to calculate GST.

  1. Add GST
  2. Remove GST

Now let's take some examples to understand it.

Example 1:

Suppose, GST exclusive price is $2300. Find out how much GST do I need to add to the initial value.

To add or include GST on $2300, we need to multiply the exclusive amount by "0.1".

GST = $2300 × 0.1 = $230

Net Price = $2300
GST = $230
Gross Price = $2300 + $230 = $2530

Therefore, you need to add $230 as GST to sell a $2300 price product.

Example 2:

Find out how much GST included in $4500?

To remove or exclude GST on $4500, we need to divide the inclusive amount by "11". Also, you can directly get the Net price by dividing the inclusive amount by "1.1".

GST = $4500 / 11 = $409.09

Net Price = $4500 / 1.1 = $4090.91

Gross Price = $4500
GST = $409.09
Net Price = $4500 - $409.09 = $4090.91

Our GST Calculator follows the same process to calculate the Net amount, GST, and Gross amount. If the amount is big then it's not convenient to calculate it manually. So, in this case, you can use our tool to sort out any big figures.

How to Use the GST Calculator?

  1. Firstly, enter the price for what you need to include or exclude GST.
  2. The GST percentage rate is already set to '10%'. You can change it if needed.
  3. Now press the 'Add GST' button to include GST on a given price. Similarly, you can press the 'Remove GST' button to exclude GST on a given price.
  4. As a result, our tool gives Net Price, GST amount, and Gross Price for the entered values.
  5. Also, the tool allows you to calculate the GST for other countries. To change the country, simply use the dropdown options. The tool will automatically take the appropriate country's GST rate.


The current standard Goods and Service Tax rate in Australia is 10%.

NationGST Rate(%)
Hong Kong5%
New Zealand15%

Note: Please check the latest updated GST tax rate from the nation's official government website.

There are two possible ways to find GST.

  1. Just multiply the price by "0.1". It will directly give you the GST amount that you can add to the initial price.
  2. Multiply the initial price by "1.1" to get the gross amount. After that, you can subtract the initial price from the gross amount and get the GST rate.

  1. Just divide the price by "11" to check how much GST is added in a price.
  2. Divide the price by "1.1" to calculate how much the Net price was before GST.

Yes, of course, you can change the GST rate(%). The GST rate field is editable. So, you can enter whatever number you want.